Summer 16 was truly one for the books. No lie, I have gone through enormous growth these last few months. I had objectives and made sure I was able to accomplish them. From directing two big budget music videos, acquiring an office space, finding love, setting up photoshoots, working with different creatives… all of these moments were truly special to me.


Trust me, I was able to enjoy my down time. In this day and age, moments are fast lived and we don’t really appreciate them as much. At the beginning of the summer, I purchased a 35mm analog camera.


My reasoning for the purchase was that I always liked the vintage feel of photos & I wanted to practice my photography skills from a basic standpoint. I wanted to capture moments instead of simply taking pictures.  I love the feel of capturing my friends and relatives in candid moments.


A regular film takes 25 photos so, knowing that, you are more wise about the pictures you choose to take, which is something I love and greatly appreciate. With a digital camera, you take 100 plus pictures of the subject, then screen the photos to select the best one. That tends to spoil us.


Valuing photos over others kinda sucks in my opinion, because those are still moments that are captured. With the analog cam, I simply snap that moment. Unless the photo comes out blurry, theres no such thing as a bad photo.


Each photo tells a story and you are able to relive that precise moment. Well, for me I am. The experience of developing the film is an adventure of its own. We cannot see the pictures until they get developed, which takes a few days, and you forget the types of shots you took. This creates suspense and I cannot help but to feel surprised upon seeing the beautiful moments I have snapped.