I love what I do. Let me repeat myself: I love what I do. Between  directing videos, styling models, being a personal shopper, doing visual consultation; my favourite task will forever be directing people in front of the camera, especially the shy ones. Oh man! I love the shy ones :D.




I was given the task to create a promotional shoot for a few clients. I never shot more than 3 people at once before, so it was a challenge for me. As usual, I wanted to do something fun. At the same time I was keen on making all the shots candid. If you know me, then you know Im in love with candid shots. I’ve always been inspired by Terry Richardson’s photography and I wanted to incorporate this type of aesthetic. I contacted one of the most hardest working photographers I know in my city: Akumanistic. I told him the vision I wanted and he told me he can do this with his eyes closed. Gotta love the confidence!




Next step, was the fun part: loosen up the models. As expected, everyone was shy in front of the camera. Luckily, music is the best remedy to get people moving. We plugged the phone to the speakers and began to play the angelic sounds of 21 Savage.  You guessed it: people were moving and vibing. However it was not enough, something else was missing.




I called out to my first subject, Christcella, to the camera. I could see the nervousness in her face. I decided to have a normal conversation with her. I made sure I remained charismatic the entire time so she could feed off my energy and vice versa. You know what? it was working! Akumanistic was taking shots with her being unaware. We spoke about her love for superheroes and it made her much more loose in front of the lens. I decided to jump in the mix of the shoot with her.


Seeing this, made everyone else a lot more comfortable. We ended up turning this shoot into a party. When in front of a camera, we forget to have fun with it. Why be so serious?

Visual Director: Miro LaFlaga
Photographer: Akumanistic